04 Apr Yates Celebrating 125 Years in Australia

20120404-220326.jpgI was lucky enough to be given a limited edition leather-bound version of the 43rd edition of the Yates Garden Guide at the recent Nursery & Garden Industry of Australia conference at the Gold Coast. This edition marks 125 of Yates in Australia and contains within it much of the history of Yates over this time. As you will probably work out from the below review that I originally made of this is a book it is something  I will treasure greatly! (Thanks to Yates – Especially Judy Horton and Rachel Henze who organised a replacement when my original copy ‘vanished’)

Here is a video on the history of Yates you might find interesting:


Here is a post from when the 43rd Edition was first released:

As the first gardening book I ever personally owned I have quite a soft-spot for the Yates Garden Guide. Their latest edition – the 43rd in their 125 year history in Australia should be ‘required reading’ for all novice gardeners and a trusted reference tool for even those with the greenest thumbs.

Each edition is tirelessly bought up-to-date by the team at Yates, headed up by trusted gardening personality Judy Horton to cover the most recent changes in gardening styles, new release plants and pest and disease control – something that is always evolving.

I cannot think of any other inexpensive publication (RRP $39.95) that covers quite as much general information for Australian gardens. With this information you will be well equipped to get out into your gardens as well as get the best out of your plants, products (fertilisers/sprays etc) and of course your time.

This latest edition also features a pictorial history of Yates over the last 125 years as well as showing the different garden styles that have come and (thankfully for some) gone over the generations.

Check it out at your local garden centre or book store 🙂


RRP $39.95
ISBN: 9780732289867
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia




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