27 Jan Top Indoor Plants


There are many plants suitable for growing indoors that will not only beautify the space, but also have many health benefits (See Plant/Life Balance). Here is my list of top indoor plants that will hopefully get you in the mood to green your indoor spaces…

Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) -The label says ‘Thrives on Neglect’ and it is not lying! This plant can go literally months without attention. This low mainenance makes it a great office plant. It also does not mind being in a relatively small pot so it is quite space conscious too.


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) The ‘low light’ champion of indoor plants! For this reason it is popular with indoor plant hire companies as well as in homes. More light does equal more flowers, but in dark spots the glossy-green foliage is still attractive. A liquid feed every few weeks with a flower promoting fertiliser (eg. Thrive Flower and Fruit; Phostrogen) will increase flowering.

African Violet (Saintpaulia) – An oldie but a goldie! Not only very long-lived, but also sports flowers. Watering from the base is essential. Watering over the foliage will damage it and cause brown spots to form.



Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) – Useful as either a totem specimen (where it grows up a timber post or totem), hanging basket, or simply snap a piece off and grow it in water! Variegated foliage can be used to great effect. A controlled release fertiliser such as Osmocote and periodical watering is all you need to keep this one happy!


Cyclamen – Colour and scent in the cooler months makes this plant a favourite. A bright indoor spot is best, though it does resent heat and humidity. If you are heating your home best place it in cooler areas away from heaters during the day and pop it outside over-night to keep it happy.




Anthurium – These tropical beauties enjoy warm, humid positions and good lighting. They also like a nice, open soil that should not sit wet. You will be rewarded with vibrant flowers for your efforts!




Rhapis Palms – Check out the Rhapis Palm for a larger indoor specimen. They are useful as an indoor plant due to their glossy, green leaves and upright habit. They are also require minimal care other than being on the lookout for Mealybug which can take up residence on their leaves and stems.




Sansevieria – The ‘Mother in Laws Tongue’. This plant was big in the 70’s and is big again today! It is available in various variegated colours and sizes. It is one of those plants that is just as happy outside as it is inside, provided you give it a bright spot. Due to its upright growth it makes for a great office plant where space is an issue.




These are just a few examples of great indoor plants. Why not visit your local garden centre to see what they have to offer?


For information on how to care for indoor plants CLICK HERE




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