23 Jan Summer Survival Guide

Over summer is a popular time for holidays, but also the most vulnerable time for your garden with the hot, dry weather. Follow our steps below to a worry-free break:


Get your plants into the groove of watering deeply at longer intervals. This will train your plants roots deeper and reduce your plants dependency on frequent watering. This can either be organised with neighbours, or should water restrictions permit, using your irrigation system.

Organic Matter, Crystals and Wetting agents

Organic matter is crucial in soils acting as a water holding medium and “glue” in the soils pedal structure. Water crystals are also a great way of maintaining moisture to the plants as they hydrate when water is readily available and release as it is depleted in the soil. Wetting agents not only let water penetrate the soil efficiently, but also help the soil particles retain it.


Even if you are not going away this summer you should mulch your garden. Any mulch is better than nothing, but Sugarcane is a good option that will both suppress weeds and conserve moisture.


Move potted plants into a shaded position to limit the stresses on them over the warmer months. By this I do not mean move a plant that enjoys full sun into deep shade, but instead move it to a spot with semi shade.

 Anti Transparent

Think of this as spray on sunscreen for your plants. You will find this product sold as “Droughtshield” or “Envy” as a concentrate. This can be used to cut down moisture loss from leaves by up to 50% and will last on the foliage for approximately 2 weeks.

Indoor Plants

If going away for a period of time you can sit indoor plants on a wet old towel in the bath. Avoid using old newspaper otherwise you will be reading it for years to come as it can transfer onto the enameled surface.




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  • Steve
    Posted at 20:34h, 23 January

    Good tips Hortiman.  I always water my pot plants with eco-hydrate before going away at Christmas.  It attracts water from the humidity in the air and focuses it down to the roots of the plants.  I always come back to happy plants with no deaths! 

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