21 Jul REVIEW – Bosch Rotak 37 LI (Battery Lawnmower)

This review was always going to interesting for me as I have always owned commercial lawn care equipment, predominantly in the form of 4-stroke self propelled lawnmowers. Being accustomed to the power, durability and reliability of these units I was not sure what a plastic, battery-powered mower would offer. I was most surprised.

Bosch Rotak 37 LI

Bosch Rotak 37 LI


The Bosch Rotak 37 LI – RRP $599 ($419 for bare version with no battery or charger)

Out of the Box

The Bosch Rotak 37 LI comes with the mower unit already assembled, requiring only the handles to be installed with a couple of bolts and screws and the catcher to be clicked together. There is also the 36V/2.6Ah lithium-ion battery and charger.


The mower chassis and moldings around the engine are all constructed of quality plastic with the handles being the only prominent external metal component. The result is an extremely lightweight machine with a total weight of just 12.8Kg.


Battery: The lithium-ion battery kept the unit running well over the 300+ m2 that I tested the unit over. This range would obviously vary depending on your lawn type/condition. Recharge time is also impressive with a 1H fast charge meaning if you did fall short it is not long till you could be back in action.

Mowing: The first thing I had to get used to was the fact that the mower stopped upon the release of the handle. There are four touch-points on the handle with only one or more needing to be engaged to keep the unit going once started. The unit also has several safety features to prevent children being able to start it in your absence.

The cutting diametre of 37cm is not huge but most likely suitable for today’s ever-shrinking backyards. Height adjustment of the cutting blades is also easily adjusted from the one central point.

Inset front wheels and combs help get right up to walls/edges.

Inset front wheels and combs help get right up to walls/edges.

The front wheels are also inset so that the mower deck can get as close to walls and edges as possible.  Combs located on the sides also help guide finer, upright grasses onto the blades.

The mower is also extremely light (12.8kg) meaning that it can be easily carried up stairs or transported with the handles folding easily with quick-release camlocks.

The 40L catcher is of adequate size and the mower does an exceptional job in filling it with lawn clippings and debris.

The Verdict

The Bosch Rotak 37 LI is a great little mower for lawns of up to 300m2. The mower is lightweight,  maneuverable yet powerful enough to cut through Australia’s predominantly coarser grass varieties (Buffalo, Kikuyu, etc.).That being said, if you are the type of person who leaves several weeks between mowing their knee-height grass this lawnmower is probably not for you (nor are lawns in general!).

I find it very reassuring not to have to worry about running over electrical leads whilst you are mowing, something that had always worried me with conventional electric models.

Probably the most telling detail of this review is the fact that I personally have mown my own lawn much more frequently since this mower arrived to test. The ease of use and convenience of this unit makes it ideal for anyone looking for a petrol-driven alternative that is easy to start, use and store.


Further Information

Visit the Bosch website CLICK HERE



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