01 May Pests, Diseases and Beneficials – Friends and Foes of Australian Gardens

I have always loved a good pest and disease book! Ever since I started working in a garden centre during my teens I was always keenly interested in solving the daily riddles presented in the form of mangled leaves, dead plants and caught critters that customers would bring in.

If you too love a good reference book on such things, check out this new book from CSIRO Publishing called ‘Pests, Diseases and Beneficials – Friends and Foes of Australian Gardens‘ written by F. David Hockings AM.

It is full of colour images and detailed descriptions of pests and diseases as well as the damage they cause. Better still it also identifies the harmless and beneficial organisms so they hopefully don’t get caught in the cross-fire (or worse still mistaken as baddies as is commonly the case).

This book is ideal for those who work in horticulture  (nursery, landscape industry) as well as keen gardeners and students who will benefit from it’s detailed information.

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