04 Dec New Product – Poppin Pods

PoppinPodsLemonRusticI’m always looking for new products and concepts that might engage people who otherwise don’t already grow plants in their home or office. Poppin Pods is one such product which I think will do exactly that by encouraging those who might have otherwise bought cut herbs to try their hand at growing their own.

This seems to be their plan with Adam Stott, CEO at Poppin Pods stating today “We’re delighted to announce the launch of Poppin Pods in a bid to overcome the pain points commonly experienced with pre-cut and potted herbs – such as premature wilting and spoilage as well as unwanted mess.”

The concept is simple – Make growing your own herbs fun, clean and simple.

Step 1. Select your shell

They offer a range of design styles to complement any space from ‘Galvanized Tin’ through to ‘Eco Bamboo’ and ‘Timber Cradle’. The shell also fulfills a functional role in that it collects any drips from the herbs as they are watered.

PoppinPods3Step 2. Select your pods

A range of ‘ready to harvest’ pods are available at the same place to pop into each shell. Each shell houses up to 3 herb pods.

Step 3. Consume and replace as required

Once you have consumed the pod of herbs you can replace the pod with another. In some instances you could even ‘rest’ a pod outside till it has regrown and is ready to be bought inside again for a repeat harvest.

The great thing about Poppin Pods is that you know the pods will fit comfortably within the shells without the need to re-pot them. Each pod also has a nifty little handle to make handling them easy too. This would hopefully make them even more appealing to regular shoppers (Remember we aren’t necessarily talking about gardeners here!).

PoppinPodsGalvanizedTinPoppin Pods are being rolled out this week in David Jones, Market St Sydney and also in Norton St Grocer in Bondi Junction.

As an introductory offer they have Christmas bundles of the ‘galvanized’, ‘white’ or ‘lemon rustic’ tins + 3 herb pods for $19.95 as well as other offers running until the end of the year. What a great gift idea Christmas!

Check out their website HERE for full details or visit them on Facebook and Twitter.



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  • kimbo66
    Posted at 17:41h, 04 December

    definitely going to be popular, what a great idea

  • MigmaMepe
    Posted at 13:08h, 22 December

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