11 May Living Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It is Mothers Day this Sunday, 13th of May and if you have not already found the perfect gift for your mother, why not consider giving here a living gift?

Why a living gift?

Plants are proven to make their owners both healthier and happier. Even the humble indoor plant can provide proven health and well-being benefits.

Below is a selection of common living gift ideas, but visit your local garden centre for a broad range of plant ideas and advice:


Chrysanthemums were destined to become the traditional choice for Mothers Day due to the fact that they naturally flower in autumn, and also feature ‘mum’ in their name. They come in a wide range of colours as well as floral forms and can last for several weeks indoors in a well-lit position as long as they are allowed to dry between waterings. When finished inside they can be planted in a sunny position in the garden.


Cyclamen – Colour and scent in the cooler months makes this plant a favourite. A bright indoor spot is best, though it does resent heat and humidity. If you are heating your home best place it in cooler areas away from heaters during the day and pop it outside over-night to keep it happy.


Princettia Poinsettia

What was traditionally a plant thought of as a Christmas decoration has been given a ‘pink’ revival at other times of the year in ‘Princettia Poincettia. The flowers on these and all other Poinsettias are actually coloured bracts which naturally form as the days shorten over winter.


African Violets

African Violet (Saintpaulia) – An oldie but a goldie! Not only very long-lived, but also sports flowers. Watering from the base is essential. Watering over the foliage will damage it and cause brown spots to form.

Grow Your Own Gift

If you can’t decide on any one plant idea why not plant you mother her own unique gift. Below are some examples of easy projects to make your mothers day this Mothers Day:

Sensational Salad Bowl

Tasty Herb Pot


And for the Mother in-law

Sansevieria– The ‘Mother in Laws Tongue’. This plant was big in the 70′s and is big again today! It is available in various variegated colours and sizes. It is one of those plants that is just as happy outside as it is inside, provided you give it a bright spot. Due to its upright growth it makes for a great indoor plant where space is an issue.



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