30 Apr Katy Perry Loves to Garden

It was revealed in a recent interview with The Sun that popstar Katy Perry loves to get out in the garden when at home and harvest her own fresh home-grown ingredients.

Katy Perry's album PRISM sparked a biosecurity scare in 2013

Katy Perry’s album PRISM sparked a biosecurity scare in late 2013

“It’s so nice, it’s so fulfilling to go pick your dinner, bring it back and make it. It’s relaxing and very fulfilling.” She told The Sun

She is said to grow both fruit and vegetables as part of her healthy lifestyle which also involves plenty of exercise to keep her in shape for her grueling schedule.

Her love of gardening must also extend to the growing flowers with her album PRISM triggering a biosecurity scare last year when the Department of Agriculture heard the album contained a packet of flower seeds. Further details HERE



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