23 Jan Hibiscus Beetle

184244_131987376871104_128445473891961_192150_709899_nDescription: These black beetles are oval in shape and around 3mm in size. They are particularly shy and generally hide in the folds of the flowers.

Damage Caused: Hibiscus beetle chew holes in both the flowers as well as the foliage of Hibiscus and related plants such as Abutilon. Tattered foliage and flowers give a general look of poor health and stress the plants

Green: Hand-pick off the offending pests.

Orange: Only ornamentals should be treated with systemic insecticides such as Confidor® which penetrates into the plants system killing the pest as it feeds on it. They are highly efficient at killing these pests and last on average two weeks in the plants system. As they are systemic the spray does not have to make contact with the pest itself to work and insects can be killed in areas of the plant not reached by the spray (though thorough application is recommended) . These sprays are invaluable for treating pests in situations such as hedging where contact with individual pests is not always possible.

NB Care should be taken when spraying these above chemicals is they harm foraging bees. As a rule I only use these on plants that are not currently in flower to avoid the risk to bees that are so vital in the garden.

Red: Not required for this pest.




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