18 Nov Crepe Myrtle Magic for Summer

This summer is set to sizzle with the release of 3 new semi-dwarf Crepe Myrtles known as ‘The Magic Series’ from Fleming’s Nurseries in early 2016.

Each of these new varieties grows to only 1.8m x 1.8m and feature colourful new growth that ages to glossy green, or in the case of Plum Magic into a rich burgundy.


All in the series flower in early summer on new growth and should produce another flush again in late summer if deadheaded. The Magic Series range are also resistant to leaf spot and powdery mildew – common crepe myrtle ailments.

Plant into a sunny, free-draining position. Once established they will form a tough, reliable plant for dry sunny positions.

As with all crepe myrtles I’d also look to place in an area where root disturbance is minimal to avoid suckering, or possibly growing them in a large container instead.

Plants should be available from your local garden centre in January 2016.

For more information visit www.flemings.com.au


(Images courtesy of Fleming’s Nurseries)



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