03 May Create your own Tasty Herb Pot

Follow these steps to create a beautiful herb pot that makes either a great addition to any home or a lovely living gift. The selection of herbs is up you and can be customised to what you use most often in your kitchen or available at the time of year that you plant.


Visit your local garden centre and collect small pots or punnets of the herbs commonly used in the kitchen, potting mix and a suitable pot to house them all. In this project I have used a terracotta strawberry pot that are available at most retailers in various sizes. I have also included some seasonal annuals in this planting for a bit of colour (plus the Viola flowers can be used to brighten up salads!)


Fill with good quality potting mix to the level of the side pockets. These mixes are generally a bit more expensive but well worth it in the long run.


Step 3

When planting your herbs remember that some can be divided like these chives. Simply pull them apart into smaller quantities.This could even lead to excess clumps which you could even keep yourself.


Step 4

Firm each of your herbs into their planting pockets around the pot and fill any gaps with potting mix trying to remove any air-pockets as you go.



Step 5

Continue filling your pot so that you can plant out the top, leaving a minimum of 1cm space from the top which will make watering easier and mean it will not overflow too easily.


Step 6

Plant in your larger growing herbs (in this case Rosemary) which will have more room to grow and fill around with other smaller herbs and even some colour (Viola & Nasturtium flowers can also be mixed though salads to brighten them up).

Step 7

Apply a slow release fertiliser that will maintain the plants for months ahead.




Step 8

Water your new creation to settle in all of the plants as well as the potting mix. Let it drain and it is done! Who would not want to receive such a beautiful and useful gift?



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