23 Jan Caterpillars

185634_131322480270927_128445473891961_188007_803701_nDescription: Caterpillars are the young of either butterflies or moths. Whilst some damage can be tolerated in the interest of keeping butterflies in the garden, some instances may require intervention. Colours vary from green, orange, black and some are patterned, whilst others are just a plain colour.

Damage Caused: Caterpillars eat the foliage of various ornamental and edible plant species. Smaller caterpillars can cause a window pane effect as they strip only one side, others will strip an entire plant quickly.


Green: Use a spray such as Dipel, eco neem or Success that are safe ways of controlling a broad range of caterpillar species with minimal disruption of benefitial bugs or animals that might feed on the dead caterpillars. Eco-Neem is another registered organic treatment.

Orange: Not required for these pests

Red: Not required for these pests.




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  • Steve
    Posted at 20:40h, 23 January

    I like to use eco-neem to control caterpillars because it’s Certified Organic (unlike Success) and it won’t wash off in rain (like Dipel does).  And yep it won’t harm the good bugs either 🙂

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