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28 Apr 5 Reasons Plants Wilt

A lack of water is just one of the reasons why your plants might be wilting. Before you get out the watering can, check to see if your plants really need more water.
  1. Overwatering:  too much water causes plants to wilt and can lead to root disease and plant death. Check the soil around the roots – if it’s already wet, don’t add more water.
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01 Jun Composting Tips

Here are some basic things to consider when composting at home to get the best results: Tip 1: Ingredients You can compost a whole host of materials that would otherwise go to landfill including vegetable scraps/ peelings, lawn clippings, leaves, manures and prunings.Things to avoid in your...

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10 May Bottle Top Waterer

For those looking for a great solution for watering indoor plants or small seedlings check out these nifty little 'bottle top waterers' which can simply be screwed onto any old plastic bottle. Available from The Diggers Club...

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27 Jan Caring for Indoor Plants

There are just a few simple rules to help keep your indoor plants healthy within your home or office. Watering It might sound funny but most indoor plants are killed by over-watering rather than under-watering. There is a tendency to love your indoor plants to death by...

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27 Jan Top Indoor Plants

  There are many plants suitable for growing indoors that will not only beautify the space, but also have many health benefits (See Plant/Life Balance). Here is my list of top indoor plants that will hopefully get you in the mood to green your indoor spaces...

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23 Jan Sprouts

If you want to add crisp flavour to your summer salads you cannot go past fresh sprouts. Sprouts are full of valuable vitamins and are so easy to grow there is no excuse for not giving it a go at home. There are various sprouting apparatus...

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23 Jan Summer Survival Guide

Over summer is a popular time for holidays, but also the most vulnerable time for your garden with the hot, dry weather. Follow our steps below to a worry-free break: Irrigation Get your plants into the groove of watering deeply at longer intervals. This will train your...

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