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01 Jun Composting Tips

Here are some basic things to consider when composting at home to get the best results: Tip 1: Ingredients You can compost a whole host of materials that would otherwise go to landfill including vegetable scraps/ peelings, lawn clippings, leaves, manures and prunings.Things to avoid in your...

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10 May Office Mates

If you are looking for an easy plant to accompany you during your working hours check out Office Mates, a range of small desk plants that come in their own self contained little pot. For stockists see www.officemates.com.au...

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10 May Bottle Top Waterer

For those looking for a great solution for watering indoor plants or small seedlings check out these nifty little 'bottle top waterers' which can simply be screwed onto any old plastic bottle. Available from The Diggers Club...

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