23 Jan Cabbage White Butterfly

Butterly-up-closeDescription: The adult butterflies are white butterflies with a predominate spot on each wing. The caterpillar stage of these pests are dusky green which closely resembles the foliage colour of the brassicas they largely attack (Cabbages, Broccoli, Kale, etc)

Damage Caused: The caterpillars feed veraciously on the foliage of various plant species. Chewed leaves and visible excrement can generally be noticed faster than the pest due to its colourings so closely resembling the host plant.

Green: Use a spray such as Dipel or Success that are safe ways of controlling a broad range of caterpillar species with minimal disruption of beneficial bugs or animals that might feed on the dead caterpillars.

Orange: Not required for these pests

Red: Not required for these pests.




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