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06 Apr Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain’s 25 year Master Plan Revealed

A 25-year plan for the redevelopment of Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain has been unveiled in today's  Sydney Morning Herald (06/04/14). While details are scarce, it sure has managed to generate plenty of interest within the wider-media with the focus of discussions centered around the $80 million hotel that is to form part of the precinct on a currently disused area next to the Domain's car park.
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24 Jan Growing your own Fruit & Vegies in Tight Spaces

You may have noticed what seems to be a global trend of shrinking land sizes, whilst the reverse is generally true of the homes being built on them. This has resulted in a dwindling space allocated for gardens, especially in more urban areas. Whilst gardening in smaller spaces is nothing new to intercity dwellers in apartments and terraces, the push for space has stretched out into the suburbs, meaning more people now have to think about the smarter use of their garden space. This article aims to seed your imagination on ways that you could work around these space limitations to grow your own fresh produce at home.

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17 Dec Gardening is a Blast!

[caption id="attachment_1433" align="alignright" width="300"]Flower_Shell Flower Shell 12 Gauge Shells[/caption] You might have heard the expression to “pop a cap in your ass”, but probably never to “pop a cap in your grass”, especially with the view of growing flowers! ST, a small Scandinavian Creative Lab have come up with a range of 12 gauge shotgun shells that allow you to do just that which they are heralding as "A new way to seed". Think I'm joking? Read on...
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07 Dec Quick Lawn Green-up

yates-lawn-master-rapid-greening-lawn-food I have guests coming over to our place this time next week for the girl's 1st birthday party (where did this last year go?) so I'm keen to give the front lawn a bit of last minute green-up. To do this I am going to apply Yates Lawn Master Rapid Greening Lawn Food which is a quick-acting solution that will show results within two days! It comes in a 500ml click-on hose dispenser that covers 75m2
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