28 Apr 5 Reasons Plants Wilt

A lack of water is just one of the reasons why your plants might be wilting. Before you get out the watering can, check to see if your plants really need more water.

  1. Overwatering:  too much water causes plants to wilt and can lead to root disease and plant death. Check the soil around the roots – if it’s already wet, don’t add more water.
  2. Wilted indoor potted Syngonium

    Wilted indoor potted Syngonium

    Correct light: shade-loving plants will wilt in the sun, and sun-loving plants will wilt in the shade. Check your plants are getting the right amount of sun.

  3. Browning or backened roots are a sign of over-watering or disease.

    Browning or backened roots are often a sign of overwatering or disease.

    Hungry plants: nutrient deficiencies can cause wilting. Plants need food as well as water, so make sure you’re feeding them with composts and fertilisers.

  4. Disease: check your plants roots for signs of disease e.g. blackened root tips.
  5. Curl Grubs: eat plant roots causing leaves and stems to droop. Check your soil for little white grubs.

Finally, your plants might actually be thirsty: put your finger in the soil around the plant. If the soil is very dry, your plant needs water.

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